Blog >> Remembering the Musical Legacy of Pablo Mares

  •    Pablo Mares, who died in 2004, started Tipica Orchestra in Santa Fe during the Great Depression. He spent 35 years of his life as a musical director and was also the band director for Santa Fe High School. In 1995 his song, Mi Lindo Nuevo Mexico, which he wrote in 1947, was adopted as the official bilingual state song. In addition to his Hispanic music and arrangements, Mares also wrote 80 country-and-western songs.

       During his career, Mares was granted the honorary title of Colonel Aide de Camp by governors Jerry Apodaca and Jack M. Campbell for his many cultural and artistic contributions to New Mexico. He was also granted the title of Hidalgo de Calificada Nobleza al Servicio de Mexico by Secretary of State Ernestine D. Evans for enhancing the quality of life for New Mexicans.